Custom Compounding

In helping their patients make the best treatment decisions, physicians can consider the benefits of choosing custom compounded medications.

Westlab is a compounding pharmacy, so we can provide dosages and dosage forms not available commercially. The customizability of our services allows physicians to operate without the constraints of conventional pharmaceutical manufacturing. This means that drugs not available due to considerations of large-scale production, such as stability and profitability, can be compounded at Westlab Pharmacy. Since Westlab can compound treatments on demand, the cost of hard-to-find treatments stays low.

Westlab Pharmacy provides dosage options to help overcome difficulties that patients have encountered in the past. Physicians can design prescriptions that omit medications, dyes, fillers, or preservatives that have caused unwanted side effects or allergic reactions. For patients with an inability to ingest pills or capsules, Westlab can compound alternate dosage forms to fit their specific needs. Physicians can also help their patients consolidate several medications into one treatment in order to make their therapy easier and less invasive. These benefits apply to human and veterinary patients alike.

Use Westlab Pharmacy to compound solutions to:

  • Species specific preparations
  • Rare disease state treatments
  • Discontinued medications
  • Innovative dosage forms
  • Sterile preparations
  • Flavored oral medications
  • Chemotherapy