Dermatological Services

Compounded dermatological treatments can be used in response to a spectrum of dermatological needs.

Dermatological needs can include difficult or recurring problems associated with psoriasis, sunburn, acne, eczema, anesthetic care, wounds, antifungals, warts fever blisters, viral infection, scarring, and cosmetic considerations. Westlab Pharmacy has the capability to compound individualized dosage amounts, combine several medicines into one easy dose, and provide specialty delivery forms.

Because Westlab's compounding pharmacists have the ability to omit commonly used fillers, preservatives, and dyes, patients have the flexibility to obtain treatments that have been designed to avoid allergic reactions or adverse side effects linked with those substances. Physicians can tailor their prescriptions even further to specify the exact amount of active ingredient per dose, even if the desired dosage is higher than what is available commercially. This means that Westlab can work with your physician to design personalized care compounded with you alone in mind.