Species Specific Treatments

Take advantage of Westlab Pharmacy's compounding services to get veterinary medications formulated for the needs of unusual pets.

Species specific compounding benefits you and your pet. Since some pets are extreme in their size, dietary requirements, and care needs, custom compounded medications can provide important benefits for these unique creatures.

Avoid injury to yourself and stress for your pet by having Westlab compound a dosage form that has been proven successful for other veterinary patients of the same species. Flavorings give your pet another reason not to dread their medication. Westlab can develop solutions for the most difficult of veterinary patients. For example, in order to coax snakes into ingesting their medication, Westlab can compound their treatment in a form that mice can eat, which in turn are the snakes' usual food source. If there is a better way to get your pet to take their medicine, we'll find it.

One of the most compelling reasons to utilize Westlab's species specific compounding service is the ability to obtain the best medication for your pet's illness.  Some effective treatments are not commercially available due to low demand or high manufacturing costs.  Westlab has the ability to produce these hard-to-find treatments on demand, and to address your pet's needs with a sensitivity that non-compounding pharmacies cannot.

Westlab Pharmacy also works with veterinary schools and zoo programs to develop delivery systems that promote the well-being of the caregivers of animals. In general, these environments come with more extreme safety concerns in the administration of medication to unwell animals. Westlab has these safety concerns in mind. In the past, we have compounded concentrated dosages of medication for the treatment of tigers. Reducing the number of times a medication must be administered to a potentially dangerous animal reduces the risk to the person administering that treatment. Westlab Pharmacy invites veterinary schools and zoo programs to contact us to discuss compounded veterinary treatments.

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