Custom Compounding for Veterinary Patients

Compounded treatments aren't just for people, they're for pets, too.

Westlab Pharmacy has extensive experience with compounding veterinary medications. Use this experience to ensure your pet is getting what they need to be well again.

Avoid bad reactions due to allergies and side effects by having a Westlab pharmacist consult with you about your pet's medical history. Treatments are compounded according to the dosage form your pet finds most acceptable, and can be flavored to increase a treatment's palatability. Without dread at medication time, you and your pet can relax and focus on the process of getting better, not getting the medicine down.

Westlab Pharmacy is capable of compounding many different dosage forms. Among these are:

Westlab Pharmacy Dosage Forms
Injection Sterile preparations of bags, bottles, single-doses, and vials
Ophthalmic Sterile drops, injections, ointments, solutions, and suspensions
Oral Capsules, flavored suspensions, powders pastes
Otic Drops, ointments, powders, solutions
Suppositories Rectal, also in gel and enema form
Topical and transdermal Creams, gels, ointments, and solutions