How We Can Help You With Your Prescriptions

Westlab Pharmacy has the goal of working closely with physicians in order to provide sensitive, innovative patient care.

We want to help patients make the choices that are best for them by decreasing costs and increasing positive therapeutic results. Our ability to supply unique dosages and delivery forms enables physicians to take advantage of treatment options because of their efficacy, not their commercial availability. The freedom to make expanded treatment decisions leads to a better quality of life for our patient community. We value the intercommunication between physician, patient, and pharmacist because we know we work better together.

Some benefits that Westlab Pharmacy can help physicians provide to their patients:

  • Westlab Pharmacy can compound medications that have been discontinued or are back ordered from commercial manufacturers.
  • For patients who require unusual dosage concentrations, such as young children, Westlab Pharmacy can compound treatments that meet their exact medical requirements.
  • People who are unable to ingest standard dosage forms can obtain compounded treatments from Westlab Pharmacy in different forms, such as in a liquid, lollipop, or transdermal gel.
  • In order to avoid allergic reactions, custom compounded treatments can be formulated to omit dyes, preservatives, and fillers which cause those reactions.
  • Flavorings can be added to compounded treatments, which appeals to people who cannot palate the flavor of their medication. Children often enjoy our flavoring options. Veterinary flavorings are also available.