Ways We Can Help You

Westlab Pharmacy's most important goal is to promote the health and well-being of our community.  Our pharmacists are always ready to work with your physician to determine not only the optimal dosage for each medication, but also the most effective delivery form for each patient. Westlab Pharmacy makes all your visits easy, comfortable, and personal.

We are among a small elite of professional labs that generates specialized dosage systems such as injectable pellets, sublingual formulations, capsules, and suppositories. These dosage systems are frequently not available commercially due to issues surrounding large-scale stability and economy. Through Westlab Pharmacy, you can obtain specialty therapies in timed release medications, capsules coated against irritation, and unusual dosage amounts.  We bring you affordable care tailored to your exact medical needs.

  • Westlab Pharmacy can compound medications that have been discontinued or back ordered from commercial manufacturers.
  • For patients who require unusual dosage concentrations, such as young children, Westlab Pharmacy can compound treatments that meet their exact medical requirements.
  • People who are unable to ingest standard dosage forms can obtain compounded treatments from Westlab Pharmacy in different forms, such as in a liquid, lollipop, or transdermal gel.
  • In order to avoid allergic reactions, custom compounded treatments can be formulated to omit dyes, preservatives, and fillers which cause those reactions.
  • Flavorings can be added to compounded treatments, which appeals to people who cannot palate the flavor of their medication. Children often enjoy our flavoring options.

For patients who require in-home treatments, Westlab Pharmacy has a solution.  Through Westlab home infusion, we provide home infusion therapies for intravenous antibiotics, parenteral and enteral nutrition, pain management, hydration and fluid therapy, and chemotherapy.